Delhi’s Turning Me into a Foodie

Today was indeed a very lazy day. I got up late and was really happy to see my hero batting in a fluent manner against Australia in the Boxing Day Test Match. But the love for Delhi and her streets didn’t permit me to stay a bit longer in the cosy comforts of my bed.

And there was I moving towards the metro with full enthusiasm as the so called tacky and crowdy yet amazing streets of Chandni Chowk were waiting to welcome me again with open arms. How could I have ignored the Lassi corner and the Parantha waali gali!

As if this was not enough I had to try the famous Chat and Jalebi with Rabri. Totally satisfied with the activity I headed back on a bike with one of my friends. But there was something that was missing. I felt that I had missed something that I wanted to do.

Of course it was the Kareem’s that I had missed. How could I do that? But guess what! There is always a next time and the next time for me will be tomorrow ;). Is it love for the place or am I becoming too foodie?

Do I really care about the above questions? NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 🙂


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