Happy New Year :)

Another year gone by and here we are welcoming 2012 with open arms and hoping that this year would bring us joy, happiness, success, love, pleasure and fun. Its the time of the year when all of us get down to making resolutions, enjoying night long parties, spending some great time with friends and family.

The next morning when we get up after the night long party, we find ourselves all grumpy due to the night long drinking that had preceded the lovely new year morning, and then we realize its the new year day. And today was one such morning. I got up all

excited about the prospects of having a great day. And guess what, the rain Gods had to shower their blessings upon us on this very day and they are still not done.

But will this stop me from going out and enjoying my day. Of course not, I am soon going to hit the road for another adventurous journey and another exhilirating experience. Sometimes I wonder how wonderful it would be if every day was supposed to be like today, everyday would be filled with expectation and excitement.

Is this really possible? I believe it is. At the end of the day, it all comes down to changing our perception towards life and keeping a positive outlook. It, after all, isn’t that difficult. TRUST ME 🙂 .

Source for Image: http://www.duy.im/2011/10/happy-new-year-2012.html


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