The Usual

Its amazing how soon things come back to the normal and once again Monday mornings are asking us to move our butts towards our offices, especially now when we are still trying to get over our party mode and the hangover which was but a consequence of the same.

The first thought that comes in mind is, can we take another day off? And then our bosses’ image appears in front of our closed eyes and we have no option but to leave the cosy enclosures of our bed.

Slowly, we leave our beds and if we happen to live in the Northern or even Central part of India, then we would hate the thought of taking a shower in this extreme cold weather. But do we really have an option? Of course not, we have some beautiful divas waiting for us in the place we all called as office. How can we disappoint them? or can we? 😉

And here we are all set to take our baby steps towards the arena representing our professional World. On second thoughts, its not so bad.

At the end of the day, thats what life is all about. You work, you earn, you have fun and then you return back to working. Its a complete cycle. Isn’t it?

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