A Different Era

Yesterday night, I decided to embark upon a journey unheard off and unseen by at least the present generation. And trust me, I wasn’t disappointed.

If you are wondering as to hows this possible and how I could manage to do so, then I will relieve you of your curiosity. It was the sheer artistic display of creativity that enthralled me all through while I was watching this night show of this movie called Sherlock Holmes.

Indeed, a very witty and clever portrait of this character, the movie had enough twists and turns to make my friend wonder as to how this could happen. It is not that he didn’t have the wits to comprehend the same, but he was a bit sleepy and I can give him the benefit of doubt for not being able to discover the magic ;).

Having said that, I was wide awake to witness the detective demonstrate his intelligence in as apt a manner as possible, finding clues that we, as ordinary people wouldnt be able to. All in all a very fast paced and interesting watch.

When I see such movies, I cant help but wonder about the prospects of me born in such an era. The life would have been totally different.

Have you ever felt the same? Have you ever wondered how life would be like if it was not what is today and was, say, 200 years back in some place in Western Europe? Would we be more happy during that era or has happiness nothing to do with the timeline?

At the end of the day, it is all about making the present count so that the future could blossom. What do you think?

Source for Image: http://www.careerrocketeer.com/2011/09/adjusting-your-job-search-strategy-time-to-make-a-change.html


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