The Writers Dilemma

Yesterday, I happened to meet one of the writers in town and was surprised to know the plight of writers when it comes to earning their living. Not everyone is able to become a Chetan Bhagat who’s novels are sold like a Shahrukh Khan first day first show movie tickets.

Most of the writers end up writing a couple of articles in newspapers here and there and they have to work hard for their living by surely taking up a job in some company or the other. As a result they tend to spend lesser and lesser time on the thing they would like to do and are best at i.e. to write and this in turn takes a toll on the quality of writing and creativity.

And that might be the reason why not many writers from India are able to get into the list of literary greats on a World stage. Why is it that the situation is so bad in India and not in western countries? Is this because of the kind of policies pursued by our government? or Is it just because that writers are not given their due and not treated and recognized in a just manner by our industry?

Whatever might be the reason, things surely need to improve and a writer’s dilemma between earning a living and producing good literary work needs to be resolved. Is the government and the industry listening?

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