The Road Trip Continues

I expected it to be great but didn’t have the slightest of cues that it would turn out to be awesome. The road trip which began 52 hours earlier culminated in this mesmerizing scene which I can very well describe as jannat.

We found ourselves in the midst of mountains and trees all covered in snow and trust me we couldn’t resist ourselves from taking a plunge in the ocean of snow in the pristine evironment provided to us by our very own Solang Valley, some 12 km from Manali main market.

What followed was a child like display of fun and excitement while floating on this ocean with the help of skiing equipment. As if the skiing session was enough, we had to engage ourselves in some snow sports.

I have just come back to my hotel room and am just wonderig whether what I did and saw today was a reality. On second thoughts, I need to stop wondering and step out again on the streets of Manali where the winter carnival is waiting for me to rock the city ;).

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