The Road Trip Ends

It was only after traveling for a good 2500 km that this road trip came to its final destination at 7 a.m. this very morning. Tired like hell, I decided to throw myself on the bed and it was only after sleeping for nearly 8 hours, I realized that what happened in the last couple of days was something very different and special.

The experience can never be replicated and it was in all senses of the word a life-time experience. Ranging from skiing my way through the ocean of snow to driving on the incredible snow-covered roads, coupled with the night walks in the beautiful valleys and having some really good fun with my friends, this trip was indeed a wonderful way to discover the magic of the amazing terrains that our country has been bestowed with.

It was not that we didn’t have some close shaves or didn’t encounter problems. Once our car got stuck in the snow and stopped listening to the whims of our driver. What followed was a panic on his part, but with some help from the locals, we could manage to come out clear of the situation.

But isn’t it a part of life to have some good days and some bad? In the end what matters is how you would want to think about the scenario as a whole. And with the kind of positive frame of mind that we all were in, allz seemed well ;).

As I conclude my trip and move on, I would ever cherish this trip as one of the best experiences that I have ever had. It was truly an amazing self discovering journey. 🙂

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