A Million Dollar Dream

In our country, how many times have we heard kids say: “I want to become a doctor“; “I want to become an engineer“? And on such assertions how many times we have seen parents go gaga over their child’s thought. But there is another category of kids who might want to become astronauts or sportsperson or a scientist and how many times we have seen parents discouraging their child for the same.

As a result, those who want to become doctors and engineers gain in confidence as they are well supported by their parents and grandparents. But what about those who end up pursuing a career which they would not have otherwise. And when they fail in the same forced choice that they had to make because of their parents, then it is the parents themselves who resort to every unwanted means of abuse without realizing the real cause behind such failure.

Some parents that I have had the pleasure to talk to come up with reasons saying that children are very naive at such a tenderly age and they just say it without giving it much  thought. True to some extent, but isn’t it the responsibility of parents to give their child some kind of exposure to the field that they tend to like without looking into the payoffs of the same. Trust me; it is the confidence you instil in the child as a parent and the faith that you are there for the child can do wonders for the child and his/her career.

It is the duty and responsibility of every parent to help their child find a career which would ultimately make the child happy, not just because of the compensation, but also because of the kind of work that he/she will be doing. Of course, not everyone can become a Sachin Tendulkar or a Lata Mangeshkar, but at least we, as parents, can try to do the best we can for the child’s love for the field in which he/she might dream to pursue a career.

One of the problems with letting the child go his/her way is that parents are marred by this insecurity arising from fear of failure and it arises due to the lack of exposure on part of the parents themselves. How wonderful it would be if there was someone out there who could help the parents get rid of their insecurity by preparing a complete, logical, and easy to understand plan for the development of the child, one who could help the parents look into the future, one who could show the potential their child has and the one who could help their child realize his/her potential.

At the end it’s all about fulfilling that goal/aim, a dream that parents see for their child, a dream that a child sees for himself/herself and how wonderful it would be if the two can be made to converge.

I know a guy who does just the above. He is no ordinary guy. A graduate from IIT Delhi and a richly experienced professional with loads of experience in India and US, a very nice and down to earth person to interact with and on top of all, a parent who is concerned about the future of his own kids like any other parent, he is all too aware of what goes on in a parent’s mind. So, all parents out there, how about giving this guy a chance, a chance that will shape your kids’ destinies, a chance which will help mould your kids’ careers and most important of all will make your kids really happy.

It is my pleasure to introduce this guy to you. His name is Mr. Umesh Gurnani (http://leagstar.com/). I would like to wish him all the best for the wonderful initiative that he has taken.

Source for Image: http://www.eso-garden.com/index.php?/weblog/C37/


2 thoughts on “A Million Dollar Dream

  1. Hi Kush,

    It was a nice read, your blog. I am interested in knowing more about Umesh Gurnani and his venture. Could you let me have his contact details?


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