The Economics of a Marriage

It is very strange for me as a person to label the topic as such, but I couldn’t help it, courtesy the prevailing ethos and norms in our society. The word “economics” which is supposed to be associated with the business terminology seems to have derailed its course and is now seen to be used with things that were supposed to be an altogether different category.

Come the time, and the bride’s parents are all tensed up as to how they will be able to fulfil the ever increasing demands from the bridegroom’s side, let alone the expectations. Sometimes the parents go to the extent of putting their assets at stake in order to give their best.

Sometimes I wonder whether this display of materialistic wealth in order to either please their relatives or to meet the expectations of the bridegroom’s family, is really worth it. After all, the marriage was not intended to be such or was it? Why can’t the people keep it simple and sober? Why there has to be a DJ every time?

My advice to all youngsters out there would be: its good to celebrate and have fun, but not at the cost of someone’s helplessness and misery. We, as youngsters, are the ones who can change the entire dynamics of the ceremony. By the way who’s stopping us?

So, let good sense and happiness prevail and let us make this occasion a blessed one rather than a personification of demonstration of wealth.

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