A Different World Altogether

To experience a thing is very different from just knowing about it. This realization came to me in the famous Malihadabi baghs of mangoes, where I happened to make a trip yesterday.

It all started like a fairytale, when I, along with a couple of friends, decided to venture out amidst the green and lustrous habitat. And soon I was surrounded by tall trees which were preparing themselves to amaze us all by their sheer elegance and strength.

The pleasure of visiting the baghs soon turned into a delight when I met a person who has given all his life to these mangoes. A person, surprisingly not known to many, even after being awarded the Padma Shree for his contribution, dedication and love for mango and it’s cultivation. A person, who is lovingly called baba by the locals. Yes, I am talking about none other than Shree Kaleem Ullah Khan.

After a gripping session of sharing opinions and views, we decided to tread the same route back to where it all started. While returning, the only thing that occupied my mind was that how amazingly different the whole perception of life is from what I, or for that matter, anyother person in cities perceive it to be.

How different life would be if I wasn’t born the same way as I am?

Source for Image: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm?Object=Earth


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