The Unpredictability of Life

How life can change in a matter of couple of seconds has been demonstrated so often in our movies/TV serials? Yet, we don’t really seem to comprehend the meaning behind the same. Although, one would want to argue that everything that’s being shown on the celluloid is nothing but an expression of fiction, yet more often than not, these portraits are a reflection of our society/life/incidents that have actually occured and are in all senses of the word “real”.

Those who have experienced the same would want to acknowledge the fact that its always better to live life to the fullest, because sometimes our destinies don’t give us a second chance. And sometimes, by the time one realizes the importance of not letting their egos take control over one’s persona, its too late.

After all ego is but a manifestation of the ultimate, whom we all refer to as God, of course referred via different names in different religions and as is aptly said in Bhagvad Gita, there is nothing that is not controlled by the almighty.

Sometimes, I wonder, whether life is really unpredictable or is it just our naiveness about the same that makes us all believe the unpredictable nature of the very same thing that we live day-in-day-out.

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