The First Time

They say that there is always a first time. And when it comes, it all depends on how one can hold onto his/her nerves, as at the end of the day, no one looks at the factors that go behind the consequences of holding one’s nerves, its just the results that become starkly visible and stare us right in our faces.

And then our worth is decided by those same results. Somehow I am very perplexed with this whole societal concept of worth, but let’s not go into that, for, it stands this way at least in the current scheme of things and hopefully might change sometime in the future.

As it stands one needs to make a good impression the very first time, and for the same reason, it is often that we come under extreme pressure emanating from our families to start with.

The question is how to deal with this kind of a situation? Is there any ready made formula which can ensure that we emerge victorious from the same?

No matter how much we rehearse, no matter how many mock tests we take, no matter how much we pray, the only thing that matters is one’s performance in a situation. It all starts from the preparation stage.

A good preparation would ensure that one remains confident when the time comes. And then one should leave it to his/her destiny.

As has been appropriately cited in the Bhagvad Geeta, “karm karo fal ki chinta na karo”.

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