Yesterday was the First Time for Me

Yesterday was indeed a very special day for me as a person. It was yesterday that I got my first opportunity to deliver a lecture on a topic that is so close to every person who dreams of scaling heights some day in his/her life and become successful in all senses of the word.

It was indeed a challenging task to define success and in turn motivate the audience to tread the path which would ensure a higher probability of their success. It starts right after having an aim in life, because right after that, the desire to achieve the goal and fulfill one’s aim starts taking control of one’s mind and body, and one starts to adopt the virtues of self-discipline and hard work.

So far so good. But there was another aspect of success, which was more towards the philosophical nature of the subjective topic. And this was to ensure that success leads to happiness and in turn satisfaction, as at the end of the day, satisfaction is the key to one’s happiness, which I consider should be the prime goal of every individual on this planet.

The question was how can one derive satisfaction and in turn happiness from the smaller things in life e.g. receiving a wake up call from one’s girlfriend expressing her emotions towards the guy can mean much more than say a promotion or a pay hike.

So, its really important to understand that life is much more than just getting caught up in this vicious circle of success and failure. As I always believe, its all about celebrating life and our very existence.

So why not get out there; say, believe and practice: “Three Cheers to Life“.

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