2 Days to Go ;)

On one hand, some of my friends tell me that it is the most beautiful of things that can happen to a man. On the other, some tell me that this will be the end of all the freedom that I have enjoyed so far.

What ever might be the interpretation, I am sure that I am in for a totally new life, a life which every guy would dream of but would not accept and acknowledge the very act of dreaming (masculinity as we call it).

But surely, this is one of the things that a guy looks forward to, having a good wife and a good life indeed. So, am I all set? This very significant question was asked to me yesterday by very own brother.

To be frank, I didn’t have an answer. And being who I am and being the person who believes in taking on life as it comes, I am sure I am all set 😉 .

Source for Image: http://realbollywood.com/2011/02/tyler-dismiss-engagement-reports.html


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