Available: NOT ANYMORE ;)

I think I will never forget what transpired on the 20th of Feb. I would not like to label it as “The Day” as it is yet to come, but in all senses of the word, it was a day which I cannot forget all my life.

Clad in a Golden kurta, I indeed was the Guest of Honour for the day. It was a feeling that one could only experience on his/her own. It was the first time that my every action was being watched by the audiences who had gathered at the venue for the occasion.

Ranging from being treated like a prince to being flocked around by all my dear saalis, I felt like I was a VIP, which makes me wonder how good one feels when he/she is given so much of importance.

Around 9 p.m. the moment when I held my to-be-wife’s hand and started to adorn her finger with a ring, the feeling finally sank it…

Mr. Kush Srivastava, you are engaged now to a beautiful lady whom you are supposed to love forever and ever ;).

Source for Image: http://groomsguideforwedding.com/bride-and-groom-wedding-rings/


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