Cloud 9 really Exists!!!!

I never used to believe the concept of cloud 9 before this. But today, the early hour feeling confirmed beyond any doubt that something like this really exists. It is not often that I get up in the morning so thrilled and excited.

And the reason was the beautiful ring that I saw clad in my finger this very morning, which instantaneously reminded me of the beautiful girl whom I am so lucky to have got engaged with. 

A few days back, one of my friends had told me about the romanticism that he used to derive from the word fiance, having gone through the same emotions. Then, I didn’t believe him much, but today, I would like to completely agree with him.

This certainly puts it beyond the slightest of doubts that I am truly in love 🙂 , which makes me wonder and at the same time respect the positive nature of this very beautiful emotion which we all call love.

My advice to everyone out there would be: when this emotion can change lives for good then why not start loving? 😉

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