A Tribute to Friendship: Beete Lamhe

How often have you heard people reminiscing : “those were the times”. And more often than not, they are talking about those beautiful memories from their college/school days which we all cherish and treasure throughout our lives.

Today was one such morning, and indeed the reminiscence bug was all out to hit me head-on. While going through my daily exercise routine, the memories from the past started to occupy my mind.

It was not before 20 minutes, that I realized that I had gone to another world altogether. At the end of these 20 minutes, there was a smile on my face and I felt quite relaxed and energized.

So, here is a tribute to all my friends who have been there, done that 😉 :

“Khushk hawa mein achanak yoon nami kahan se aagayi,

bejaan pade is dil mien yoon zindagi kahan se aa gayi,

saath beete tum logon ke wo pal hi hain mere doston,

jinki yaad aaj bheed mein bhi tanha mujhe bana gayi” ——- courtesy satythegreat 🙂

Source for Image: http://www.allgraphics123.com/comments/friendship/



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