The Final Hurdle

How often have we felt that we are so near the thing that we have always wanted, yet so far? I have encountered numerous situations in my life where I have felt just the same.

It is this final stage that makes us all so nervous and sends jitters in our body, whether it be hitting the winning runs while playing cricket or be it trying to emerge victorious in any situation.

This situation is accompanied with a plethora of emotions which makes us all very anxious at the same time gives us strength and motivation to go ahead and achieve the goal.

And such situations set a lot of demands on individuals which if followed help them overcome their tension and stress, one being to remain patient and control one’s excitement evolving from the very thought of being so near to the goal and another one to remain calm and composed when the actual situation arrives.

At the end of the day, one must always remember: “karm karo fal ki chinta na karo” and trust me if you have worked really hard for something you are sure going to achieve it :).

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