Just Like That !

Have you ever wondered how many times have we replied: “just like that” on being asked the reason for doing something? It is quite amazing when we compare the percentage of doing things with or without any reason.

This very morning, my mom asked me a simple question: “why did you sleep late last night?” Yes, you guessed it right, and my answer was “just like that!“. But was this answer motivated by my lack of awareness about myself or was it just because I didn’t want to talk about the same with my mother.

This brings us to a question, is our answering behaviour influenced by our escapist tendencies or are we not interested in discussing something that we would either want to keep a secret or would not want to let it come out in the open for the world to make a judgement about ourselves.

The obvious chain of thoughts then lead us to wonder how much judgemental we as people have become. Isn’t it high time to let go off the Judge in us and make this place more friendly and loving?

Source for Image: http://nojudgement.org/


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