Get Up and Rock On ;)

How many times do we end up giving so many reasons for not doing something? What some might call excuses and what some might call logical assertions (it all depends on which side of the table one is seated), at the end of the day the result is inaction and inability to pursue the same.

Have we ever wondered why this is so? May be because we have got habitual of banking on excuses when nothing is going our way. May be because we have lost the will and motivation to go all out for our aims in life. May be because we have developed a pessimistic kind of an attitude towards life.

Or have we started using Destiny as our fall back for all our failures and inactions. Whatever might be the reason/excuse, there are hundreds of reasons why we wouldn’t want to do something and only one reason as to why we would try really hard to achieve things which really matter in our lives.

My advice to all people out there would be to get up and get going for the clock doesn’t stop for anyone.

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