The Mindset

On one hand where there are mornings when you feel like you are on cloud 9, on the other hand there are mornings when you feel low and frustrated which amazes me about the various shades and facets of life.

Today was one such morning where I didn’t feel like getting up and felt really frustrated and irritated, the reason being, I wasn’t able to meet one of the deadlines that I had set for myself.

Having no other option but to get up, I slowly walked into my living room carrying the burden of the missed deadline coupled with a grumpy mood on my shoulders.

While munching on my daily breakfast, I heard a voice that seemed to be coming from my TV. This time around, contrary to what TV is known to some as the idiot box, it was talking no non-sense. A person clad in a choga was in fact uttering some wise words about remaining positive at all times in life and in all situations.

He kept emphasizing on the point that the mood or how one feels is in turn a complex matrix created by an individual himself/herself. So, if a person constructs that matrix himself/herself with positive thoughts, he/she is bound to feel happy and elated. While if a person choses to construct that matrix on the foundation of negative and pessimistic thoughts than he/she is bound to feel frustrated and irritated.

My link with reality and practicality was broken and it was not before an hour that I realized that I had been transported to a different World altogether, a World whose foundations were laid on the basis of the positive thoughts that had started to encircle my mind.

I felt very relaxed thereafter and here am I sharing these experiences with you, else I would be sitting in a corner of my room and would have been still mulling over my missed deadline. Now, instead of doing the above I will get back to what I am supposed to do: karm without really worrying about the fal (karm karo fal ki chinta na karo).

Before leaving on my journey of karm, I would like to emphasize upon two things:

One: it does a lot of good if we talk or listen to a wise person when we feel upset and disgruntled over something in life, it can be a psychologist or an elder in your family. This in turn draws me to a thought as to how important it is to eradicate the stereotype attached with psychologists in our country. Not everyone who goes to a psychologist is mad.

Second: it is extremely important to feed yourself with positive thoughts at all times. No matter what happens there is always a positive side that one can focus on and draw inspiration from and in turn get the strength to carry on with the journey which we all call life.

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2 thoughts on “The Mindset

  1. i wish it’s really that simple, Kush. to stay positive all the time. but in real life, i guess, it’s sort of cathartic to allow yourself to just accept not feeling good — so long as you dont dwell on it too long to suffer severe depression. that’s may take on this. take the crap, cry over it, then move on. and move on for good.

  2. yup…that’s one of the ways that one might deal with a stback/problem….in fact i believe that the methodology adopted by an individual to get over a setback can be very well customized and each one of us has a different way of thinking and the methodology should be brought in convergence with the kind of thinking that person has….at the end of the day what we all crave for is happiness….and there are various ways in which one can achieve it….

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