IPL vis-a-vis GF

There was a very interesting conversation which took place between two of my friends yesterday and I happened to be present there that very moment.

The crux of the discussion was the growing rift between one of my friends and his girlfriend. On one hand where my friend leaves no stone unturned in saying that Cricket is in the air, on the other hand his girlfriend beats him all ends up in putting forth the point that she is supposed to be the most important person in his life and instead of Cricket love is supposed to be in the air.

And below are some arguments that both the parties have put forth in order to prove their own respective points again and again:

My Friend’s take on the topic:

I love the game and what the heck! Can’t she cooperate with me for just a couple of days? And moreover I give her all the time in the World. It’s just those few hours when I come back from office in the evening that I like to spend my time watching the likes of Tendulkars and Pollards hit the ball out of the ground. Enough is enough. I can’t go on like this living my life on her terms.”

My Friend’s GF’s take on the same:

From morning till evening, we both are in office. The only time that we get to talk to each other is in the evening and then too he has to sit in the front of the idiot box and watch those stupid cricketers running around that stupid ball in that stupid field.It’s like placing me after Cricket in his priority list. Am I that insignificant for him?”

Well, let us ignore the number of “stupids” mentioned by my friend’s GF and try to come down to who is right and who is wrong and what should be done in order to resolve this stupid controversy 🙂 .

From guy’s perspective, he feels constrained by his GF, not able to do what he likes doing and if we look at it from girl’s perspective, she expects her guy to give her a lot of attention as she believes that she is entitled to the above for all the things she might have done for the guy.

It is just that a guy and a girl think very differently. It is said that when a girl loves someone she dedicates each and every part of her self to the guy, at the same time making sure that the guy does the same for her (ofcourse not applicable in all cases but on most occasions). On the other hand when a guy loves a girl, he doesn’t want to part away with his own personal freedom and wishes that the girl would respect his thinking and point of view on the same.

A number of esteemed philosophers have spent their lives trying to decipher the code but none has been able to succeed so far. They have spoken about “selfless love” but going by the practicality embedded in the same, it’s not always possible and feasable especially in the current scenario where everyone has become so individualistic and self-centred. Long gone are the days of the Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet who are still idealized and spoken of as a metaphor for the wonderful emotion that we all call love.

Coming back to the real World and having said the above, at the end of the day, we all need to go beyond thinking just about ourselves. We need to give respect to other’s point of view in the same manner as we would like to get respect for ours. Only then, we will be able to put ourselves in other’s shoes and only then our expectations would start to converge with that of our better halves.

So, all couples out there, think about it. I am sure my fiance would be reading this one and am sure she is going all out on me in the evening today ;).

But on a serious note, being a sportsman myself and being a die-hard lover of the game, I have been very lucky and blessed to have got someone like my fiance who respects my love for the game and love me for the person I am without really making any efforts of sorts to bring a change in my persona. Girls, here is something which you can all try to emulate ;).

Source for Image: http://www.ipltracker.com/articles/2010/03/29/is-ipl-of-any-use-at-all-ipl-girl-speaks/


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