Season of Marriages

Its not often that you see so many marriages of your friends taking place in the same month with your friends all set to loose their single and ready to mingle status. It seems like the whole batch of friends that I had at IIT Kanpur will be compromised this very year ;).

What to talk of others, in my very own family, a marriage and an engagement will be taking place this very month. If we dig a little deeper into this phenomenon of so many marriages taking place during a span of a couple of months, what comes to the fore is the reason for the same which jots down to our beliefs in Astrology and “Muharrat” decided by the saffron clad pundits or the jyotishis in our country.

It is amazing how a country and her traditions and culture are being run whose foundations boil down to the so called Science of Astrology. No matter how much one denies his or her belief in Astrology and tries to express his or her antipathy towards the same; at the end of the day one falls prey to the the very illogical and at times baffling suggestions given by the very Science.

This brings us to the question as to why this Science forms such an important part pf our culture and lives? Is it because of the inability of an individual to explain certain phenomenon happening in his or her surroundings? Is it because of the curiosity emanating from the very desire of human beings to know about their future? Is it because of the fear of the consequences in case one doesn’t adhere to the advice that the proponents of this Science has to offer? or Is it because of our beliefs in the same which in turn are generated because of all the above?

The reasons could be many of the above or all of the above, but what matters the most is to realize that we have got so accustomed of following the advices of our gurus and pundits that we, at times, tend to ignore the very logic bestowed upon us by the Divine and end up doing things which the whole humanity would surely be ashamed about.

It is not that I am against Astrology, but the point that I am trying to put forward is that one should not go on blindly following the same or blindly doing what one’s pundits tell us to do. As long as Astrology is acting as a support system similar to our belief in God or similar to the services that might be provided by a Psychiatrist, it is bound to function with positive consequences for an individual.

The moment it breaches this fine line between support system and what we call in Hindi Andhvishwas or the blind faith; it starts to have extremely negative consequences; and the individual seems to get caught in this vicious circle formed by the advices of the pundits and gurus resulting in disintegration of his/her persona; which one should certainly not allow to happen.

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