Taking Responsibility

Continuing with my love affair for the season which is but a metaphor for the number of marriages that are taking place in the same, I am but forced to write about a phenomenon that struck me recently but it has been in existence for some time now.

And the phenomenon that I am talking about is what our forefathers used to call “ladka sasuralia banta jaa raha hai”. Initially when I used to listen to the phrase, it sounded real funny, but on digging deeper I realized that what all has been said by our forefathers in the past, there has been some reason or the other for such a narration.

What they meant when they asserted the phrase was the phenomenon where a guy starts to disrespect his own parents and family and instead starts to act on the whims of his newly adopted family which is but a reflection of the wishes of his in-laws and wife and at times his own sweet will camouflaged under the wishes of the former, running away from all the responsibilities that he has towards his family.

It might be a trend that it is evolving due to increasing individualization of the mentality and the increasing disintegration of the family system that we as Indians used to take great pride in.

I do believe that things certainly change after marriage with the addition of a new member in a family, but instead of parting ways with one’s responsibilites towards the people who have contributed in the making of what one is, one must ensure that his parents are given all the due respect and affection and attention which they need the most in the penultimate years of their lives.

Source for Image: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/154742-Taking-Responsibility


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