The Idea

When someone calls you up at 2 a.m in the morning, you wouldn’t think about not taking the call especially when that call happens to be from a very dear friend, thinking that it might be something important.

As anyone else would have done, I followed suit and answered “Hello! What happened?”. Expecting that I would be confronted with an issue of some sort which would require either patient listening on my part or would require me to get into action on an immediate basis, I was met with a surprise when my insomniac friend sounded really excited and pleased about the prospect of awonderful ideathat had occured to him just 5 minutes back.

The very nature of the idea had propelled him to take it out of his system even at 2’o clock at night and finding none, he was but forced to call me at the very hour and share his new innovative thought:

Man! Think about it! How wonderful it would be if everyone would get 2 days off in a month? Why does everyone need to run after prosperity and growth even at times compromising one’s own health and leisure?”

I know, his wonderful idea could have waited till the next morning, but that’s not the point that I would want to emphasize here. The thing that I would want to talk about is the rat race that we all have got so used to in our lives and have forgotten the small yet happy moments that we used to share with our parents and grandparents before entering the arena of the ever evolving competitive World.

At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to be rich and who wouldn’t want to live a king-size life, but in doing so we must all remember that on one hand where we are experiencing all the luxuries in life, on the other hand we are losing the few precious moments that we will ever get to share with our elders.

The decision is ours as to on which side of the table we would want to be. It is upto us on how we would want to lead our lives ensuring at the same time that a healthy balance is maintained between our personal and professional life, for in the end satisfaction and happiness is nothing but a by product of this very balance.

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