The Big Bash

Yesterday night was one of those crazy nights which one would definitely not want to include in his or her collection of nights ;). And none would agree with me more than thethree musketeerswho shared the same with me and were a party to all the things that happened yesterday.

Not going into the details of the same, as I have been strictly instructed not to do so :), the very fact that I got to experience such a thing is enough not only to put me right up there on Cloud 9 but also, on second thoughts, put me in that category which the whole world calls crazy people.

Thebig bashlasted till around 7 a.m. in the morning, after which none of us had the slightest of energy to do any thing other than to throw ourselves on the beds in our houses.

How often when you have lot of fun and when that phase ends, there is a feeling of emptiness or cavity that follows immediately after. Thankfully, there was no such thing that could trouble us all as we were too engrossed in constructing our dreams in the cosy ambience of our homes.

And as I write here, another friend is all set to lose his single status in a couple of hours. And guess what the three musketeers and me are all set to rock on once again ;).

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