The Dynamics of Love

Long time back there was a guy who used to tell me about his girlfriend: “love her or ignore her but you can’t hate her”. That was a time when I used to be little aware of this emotion, as I had never been fortunate enough to be hit bythe Cupid.And the assertion made by my very dear friend went beyond my level of comprehension of the same.

But now times have changed. I am no more the same person I used to be and proportionately my thoughts and understanding of the same has evolved over time. Still, I feel that there is so much to decipher and at times I think whether it is at all possible to come out with a complete understanding of the much craved for emotion which we all call love.

Sometimes I come down to a conclusion that why am I even trying to understand it? After all, it is to be experienced rather than researched upon. And why the hell am I wasting my precious time in doing so, which brings us to a question as to why human mind is so curious? Why our mind wants to know more and more about things in life? Why can’t our mind remain at peace without really delving into the unknown?

And when it comes down to loving a person, why does our mind focus on the less obvious rather than accepting the obvious and moving on with it? Why do we have to question the very intention which led us to accept the same?

At the end of the day, the conclusion that I could draw was that there are some things which are not worth deliberating and thinking upon. Rather than investing our times in thinking about what and why’s of the emotion, we should instead focus on what’s in front of us and how we can move on from here to make our future brighter and more beautiful.

It is not often that my fiance agrees with me but I am sure she would want to agree with the last assertion that I have made above ;).

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