Work on Your Present

Have you ever wondered as to on how many occassions we tend to lament about our past and on our failures for which we can’t do any thing to bring about a change in the same or to make it better. Then, why the hell we are so bent upon doing so?

Is it because we are scared to accept what happened in the past or is it because we want to still hold onto it citing it as a reason for the failure that we are encountering in the present and an excuse for not so glad a future, as it is extremely easy to do so?

Whatever might be the reason, if someone does get caught up in this vicious circle of justification of his or her failure, he or she finds it really hard to move on in life and as a result it might result in depression or a loss in self-confidence.

The remedy lies in giving oneself a chance to move on. After all, to err is human, and if everyone was so perfect as to not committ a mistake ever, then life would become so much less challenging and boring.

What one needs to do is to take on life as it comes to him or her at the same time thinking about all the positives that resulted from doing something. For the critics and the people who draw great pleasure from someone’s failure, my only advice to them would be to look into their own selves.

At least the people who weren’t able to make through tried and they certainly deserve the credit for having the strength and belief in themselves which inspired them to give it a shot.

And for those who have faced it first hand, my only advice would be:

Thinking about the Past is really funny and for future you need not worry. Instead what you can do is to focus on your present so that the future becomes really honey ;).”

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