Parents: A Blessing in Disguise

Sometimes small things or small incidents in life can make you get closer to or can help you to decipher or better understand certain things in life which you would not have otherwise developed the art of deciphering the same.

And day before was one such small thing which I happened to watch on the idiot box. I was watching this episode of DID (Dance India Dance) that was being telecast on the Zee Tv.

After a stint of performances, walked in a child namedFaizal.Son of an auto rickshaw driver from Mumbai, this child seemed to be an epitome of truthfulness and purity. There was indeed something magical about his persona. A halo of innocence seemed to pervade all over the Tv screen and I sat there on a chair in my living room perplexed and amazed at what I was witnessing.

After his performance, the DID judges invited his father on the stage. Clad in a very simple shirt and pant, and a very humble guy himself, he went on to tell the judges how he can see all the dreams through his son’s eyes. How he would love to be a part of his son’s success and how he would leave no stone unturned when it came to doing things for his son so that he is able to accomplish all his dreams.

In all senses of the word, it was a very touching and an emotional moment and the love and the bond that the father-son duo shared was very much visible. Somehow it reminded me of my days when I was young and it reminded me how my parents made sure that I get the best of the best facilities in the World.

Without caring about their comforts, how they made sure that I received all the possible luxuries in life, at the same time giving me enough space and opportunity to develop my own thinking and opinions about various things and issues in life.

On one hand where there are children who do take good care of their parents when they get old, on the other hand there are some who tend to run away from their responsibilites towards their parents.

Is it because we are becoming too individualistic and selfish? For those who lie in the latter category, my advice to them would be:

Think about the days when your parents gave their life away just because they wanted you to get all the happiness in the World. Think about the days when they would hold you for hours at night in their arms to make sure that you slept well. Think about the days when they would spent hours and hours with you to make sure that you wouldn’t feel left out and ignored when you were down and out.

Guys, first of all I don’t believe that you can return what you got from your parents because it is beyond our scope and ability to even do 1% of what they did. But the thing which you can do is to love them and give them all the respect in the World more than you would love and respect anyone else in life.

Make them feel important and wanted. Make them feel that they still play a very significant part in your life, even though they have got old. This is the least we can do. Trust me, there are very few other things which would make us so happy.”

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