Birth Place Revisited

One might call it nostalgia, one might call it home coming, whatever might be the words used to describe it, the feeling of going back to the place where one was born is amazingly emotional and full of expectations.

The moment I stepped out of the train and started to walk on the platform, I could feel a connection with my surroundings. I didn’t know anyone there walking besides me, I had mostly forgotten all the routes and ways to reach different places, but one thing that was surely not missing was a deep sense of satisfaction and excitement.

I was scheduled to stay in a hotel right opposite the railway station. After checking in, I was blessed to get an opportunity to move around in the city. The extreme heat wasn’t enough to deter me from walking down the lanes of my very own city.

Later in the evening, I was scheduled to attend my cousin’s engagement and visit one of the most traditional houses in the city where I would get to see the local culture and get an opportunity to take a shot at the various delicacies.

Though the evening came to a climax earlier than I would have wished for, courtesy my scheduled departure that very night; I was more than enthralled to have gone through this enriching and fulfilling experience.

Have you ever wondered about the place where you come from? Isn’t it time to explore the very foundations that you were once an essential part of? Think about it ;).

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