The Snake & Ladder Game

I am sure that many of us might have played this game when we were young. Even now, it is not a bad pass time. And while playing this, how many times have we faltered at the last step on 99 from where the longest snake sends us back down to 2.

We do feel bad but since it is just a game and there is not much at stake, we don’t feel the same pinch as we would have otherwise. But when such a thing happens in real life it is pretty obvious that one will be shattered and broken by the consequences of not having achieved one’s goal which he or she might have been craving for years.

What is more important though is to bounce back from the same. What is more important is to ever remain positive and work even harder for the same. What is more important is to let your frustation out once and for all and move ahead with a new zeal.

The people who are able to do just that are the so called successful lot in our society and the whole world bows down to the sheer resilience that they demonstrate while each time moving closer to their self chosen goals.

From times immemorial, one thing that has remained constant is that the World salutes those who are able to overcome the adversaries in life and are able to emerge as winners.

So try and be a winner for I don’t think there is any other option but to keep working hard for the thing that you would so want to be yours.

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