Dream On in this Roller Coaster of Life

Life is very much like a Roller Coaster where one would have to go through both ups and
downs in one’s life. We do feel bad when we are on the receiving side of the same so as to make us really disappointed and shattered.

What is more important though is to bounce back from these setbacks. The people who are able to do just that are called successful in our society and the entire World bows down to the sheer resilience that they demonstrate while each time moving closer to their self chosen goals.

And one such person that I would want to tell you about is a fellow classmate from my
school who used to be average in studies and no one would have imagined at that time that he would make it so big in life so as to be sitting next to Mr. Shahrukh Khan in one of the award ceremonies being hosted by the Filmfare magazine.

To tell you a little about this guy, after passing out from school, he went on to do his
graduation from St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata (BA Hons). Mind you, he didn’t have the
luxury of attending any of the premier institutes of the likes of IITs or IIMs which ensure a
lucrative job offer immediately after passing out from the same. Yet, he has made it big today with his sheer ability and motivation that he very well managed to maintain all through.

The thing that differentiated him from others was that this guy had an ambition and a dream to make it big one day, which he made sure that he would pursue all through his life without worrying about all the criticisms that he faced during this journey. He made sure that he kept trying each time emerging stronger from his setbacks.

One might not be so good in studies, but each one of us develops a liking for something or
the other during one’s growing up years. It can be anything ranging from Sports to Music; or from Dance to Writing.

Whatever might be one’s area of interest; one should always have a belief in one’s
convictions and abilities and should try to pursue the same at any cost at the same time
believing that dreams do come true.

Source for Image: http://hotcrossmum.blogspot.in/2011/07/rollercoaster.html


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