Kiss Miss ;)

In recent times, don’t know why, but I have developed a propensity of watching these chat shows in which they make the celebs sit on the hot seat and try to decipher each and every aspect of their lives.

In one such show that I happened to be watching a couple of days back, a very famous celeb, the heart throb of the girls of our nation, was at the receiving end of the intriguing queries that was being thrown at him.

And one such question that came up or would have come up in any case, the celeb being the person he is, especially when the interviewer happened to be a very charming and beautiful girl, was: what is the most weird thing that has happened to him while interacting with a girl?

As expected, the answer was a shocking revelation to many. The most weird thing that he had experienced while interacting with a girl was to find her staring at him amidst a kissing sequence that the duo seemed to be enjoying in the initmate ambience provided to them by the luxurious interiors of the girl’s room, when he happened to open his eyes while being involved in the activity.

Somehow, the statement makes me wonder about a hell lot of things about the very activity that he has described and the amazing emotions that form an integral part of this symbolic activity.

I am sure many around would have experienced the same thing as this celeb has, but have they ever wondered about the reasons behind the same? I am very sure and confident that you will be able to decipher the code sometime, hopefully, in this lifetime :).

Is someone listening? 😉

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