The Quarterly Call

Does it sound like I am referring to a report being published by a bank or a financial institution? Well! It is no where close to what I will be telling you about.

Today, I received a call from a friend who has a tendency to give me a call after every 3-4 months. I don’t have my friend’s number as he makes sure that he doesn’t keep a mobile phone due to his hatred towards the same, which he developed due to some incident that occured in his life a couple of years back. So, no one including me can call him. We are all at the disposal of his sweet will :).

More often than not, he uses a PCO to make a call and more often than not, he is travelling, when he manages to give me a call. And this time around, he was on his way to the God’s Own Country Kerala, where by the way, I have been trying to go since ages now but have not managed to do so for one reason or the other.

It is strange, but whenever I talk to him, I feel the same kind of bonding that we once shared during our childhood. The interval in between our conversations doesn’t seem to have any kind of significant impact on the way we interact and on the comfort level that we both share with each other.

And whenever we do get a chance to talk, more often than not, our conversations go on and on for hours. I guess that’s because of the accumulation of incidents and events in our lives during those 3-4 months interval. By the way, the friend that I am talking about loves to live in a style similar toHippies.

He works for a couple of months as a free lancer. And then he makes full use of the bucks he had earned during that time in fulfilling his travel ambitions. That’s how he leads his life. It might sound very crazy and unstable to people like us, but indeed he is living life on his own terms without caring much about what’s going to happen in the future.

At times, I am really jealous of him for not having the guts or the courage to do the same. May be because I want to make my future secure. After all, one needs to work in the present in order to make sure that he or she is able to enjoy the paybacks in the future.

But the question is what’s making me jealous? Is it because he is living the kind of life he is or is it because of my inability to gather the kind of courage to lead my life in a similar direction as he does?

No matter whether I am able to find an answer to the above, the more important question that I should be asking myself is whether I really want to live a life like his and will I be comfortable with the whole scheme of things?

Most of the times, the answers lies with us. We just need to explore our inner soul in order to being able to decipher the same. What might be suitable for one person might not be so for another.

So, instead of making unwanted comparisons what one should really focus on is to decipher as to what one really wants and how would one want to lead his or her life in order to accomplish the aims that one sets for himself/herself.

This will not only help us remain happy and satisfied in our lives but would also enable us to derive happiness from seeing other people happy at the same time getting rid of the noxious habit of drawing comparisons.

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