The Positive Side of SNS

No matter how much we criticize the social networking sites (SNS) for wasting our time, we all end up browsing through the same whenever we are free or whenever we want to get a feel of what’s happening around us.

Whenever we want to share a news with our friends/relatives or whenever we feel like sharing some article which we like and would want our friends to read the same, what do we turn to? Yes! We login in our accounts and find ourselves chit-chatting on the same platform.

Social Networking Sites have become very much a part of our lives and it is here to stay. Recently, I happened to interact with an old lady in her 50’s. She has seen the lows in her life and has been through tough times. According to her, if it was not for Facebook, she would have surely gone down the lanes of depression.

We cannot even imagine how Facebook has altered the life of this lady, who once upon a time, even thought of commiting suicide. Every person needs a companion in life. Till late, people used to engage themselves in the beautiful institution of marriage, which forms such an integral part of the foundation of our society.

Recently, a new trend is emerging, though. Today, people try to get rid of their boredom by spending time on these sites and interacting with friends from all over the World.

On one hand, where SNS results in kids wasting a lot of their precious academic time on these sites, on the other hand, this, in all senses of the word is proving to be a lifeline for people like this old lady.

Whether you like it or not, these SNS are here to stay big time as these target the very essence of human existence and verifies the very fact that all humans are social beings and interacting and communicating with their folks is very much a necessity for all.

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