Pursuit of Success and Happiness

In my previous article in inext Dainik Jagran, I had emphasized upon the point of chasing one’s dreams and doing what one really wants to do in life. But sometimes things don’t turn out to be the way we want them to turn out to be. Even after all the efforts that we put in accomplishing our goals in life, sometimes we end up on the losing side of scheme of things which can be really shattering and heartbreaking.

But one must always remember that this failure is in no way indicative of one’s potential or one’s abilities. It is just because of the kind of competition one has to face in order to get into top institutions in India, that even some of the candidates who deserve being right up there are unable to make it through.

There are numerous examples that I can cite who had to go through such tough times which are beyond our imagination and yet they were able to emerge as winners.

And one such example is of a gentleman whom I happened to meet a couple of weeks back. This gentleman, who hails from a not so well to do family, had already appeared for the Civil Services exam thrice before and had not been able to crack the same, and for the fourth time, having given the interview, he was expecting that better things would happen to him.

And guess what! He has qualified in his last attempt. All these years that he toiled really hard has finally paid off. His perseverance has finally been rewarded by the Almighty.

This man is a living example and indeed a source of inspiration for people who hail from a similar background or who don’t get to taste success for one reason or the other in the initial years of life, when they are not able to make it through to the big bosses of our education industry, namely the IITs and the IIMs.

No matter whether you are from Arts background or from Science background, if you have the will and the motivation and determination to work hard, you are surely going to succeed, if not now then surely, later.

It might take some time for success to come your way, but trust me, one day it is bound to come your way in spite of all the adversities and difficulties that you might have to face in this pursuit of success and happiness, which we all call life.

Source of Image: http://blogs.ubc.ca/opalleung/2010/11/13/the-pursuit-of-happiness/


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