Atom Bomb Vs Agarbatti

Today, I was watching this show Satyamev Jayate and Aamir Khan drew this comparison between an Atom Bomb and an Agarbatti. He was talking with respect to the Dowry practice that is so prevalent in our societal set up.

Some people will go to any extent to squeeze even the last penny left in the pocket of the girl’s parents to fulfill their wishes and whims. It all starts with a petty demand and soon it develops into a Frankenstein Monster till the point the girl’s parents are left wanting not able to fulfill the wishes of the guy’s family.

People who go about pressing people for dowry seem to have forgotten the very basic values that, once upon a time, used to define the very essence of the Aryan culture in which we take great pride while browsing through our History books.

They seem to have forgotten that in Ancient India, the guy’s family used to give gifts to the girl’s family in order to get the right of bringing the girl to his own family. Even today, in many North Eastern states, similar practices are followed.

Some people try to justify the practice citing that it is a part of our social norms like so many other traditions and rituals. They also cite the examples of so many who would go to any extent to have lavish weddings for their daughters.

There is nothing wrong in wishing good for one’s daughter but not at the cost of ignoring the very basic values which are extremely significant when it comes to the girl spending a happy and a fulfilling life with her partner.

My advice to all the parents out there:

“Please do not go on compromising when it comes to giving dowry or fulfilling the wishes of the guy’s side.

At the end of the day what you would want for your daughter is happiness and your responsibility is to find the right guy who would keep your daughter happy. And trust me, a guy who puts conditions and demands on you or your daughter is certainly not the right guy for your daughter.”

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