The Real Evolution

How often in our lives do we end up doing things without getting our share of gains and success that we think we so deserve without realizing that may be we aren’t doing the thing that we are supposed to be doing or may be we are not doing it in a correct manner.

What follows thereafter is a total emotional and illogical outburst. We start blaming the Almighty for giving us our undeservedly destinies and cursing our luck for not being able to accomplish things in life. In short, we end up going in a depressive frame of mind from which we refuse to come out.

And when this happens we shut ourselves away from any and every person out of our comfort zone and we refuse to listen to any person that might have an advice to give to us. But how long can we afford to live in this self-imposed seclusion?

Being the social beings that we all are we end up turning to the most trustworthy person in our lives who helps us in discovering the reasons behind our failures and indeed help us to overcome the problems related to our attitudes and thinking.

It is only after going through all this process that we end up realizing that inspite of putting all our efforts we weren’t putting those in the right direction. It is only when we do things right that we get to taste the fruits of success.

And this whole methodological process where a person gets to realize his/her shortcomings and his/her faulty process of thinking is what I call the Real Evolution.

So, all those out there who are facing such a situation where the end of the road is not visible and is leading to confusions and negative frame of mind, relax for a while and take a few deep breaths to ponder over a question which will lead to elimination of all worries that one might be going through at the very moment.

And that question is: “Did you do the things in the right manner?”

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