Expression Counts

I never used to notice these things a couple of months back. I guess it is just a part and parcel of the life soon to follow when I will be doing the same things like my father does every morning and my better half would tread the same path that my mother has got so used to following.

I am referring to nothing else but the morning search for the precious items that my father carries along with him to his office. And guess what, the only person on this planet Earth who is able to help him retrieve those very items from all the corners of his room is my dear mother.

Sometimes I wonder how can mothers be so efficient at what they do. From getting up in the morning, cooking meals, to doing every chore that is supposed to be done, they have mastered it all.

And inspite of doing all the above in as efficient a manner as possible, sometimes they don’t really get their due which they so much deserve. After all, a couple of words like a thank you or i love you can do wonders for a mom or for a wife.

I still remember a lesson that was taught to me a couple of years back. I was informed about the significance of expressing one’s feelings towards one’s parents and towards the people whom one loves, for its not very often that one will get a chance to do so and sometimes its too late before one realizes the importance of the very act.

So, all the guys out there, (why i say guys is because such an issue doesn’t seem to arise with girls), who think and believe that expressing one’s feelings will lead to a reduction in their machoism coefficient; just give it a thought once again, for expressing one’s feelings towards someone can be the most daunting of tasks that you might have come across and indeed it requires a lot of effort on the part of guys to do so.

My advice to all the guys would be to get rid of their inability to express themselves, for what’s gone will never come back and at that point of time, I don’t want you to be left repenting: “kaash main aisa kar paata”.

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