Speak Up

Yesterday, I had written about the kind of incidents that are taking place in our society and the insecurity of our parents which is but natural to arise. What is surprising though is that hundreds of such incidents such as eve teasing, go unnoticed and unreported.

Is it because our parents are scared about the social consequences that might follow the very act of reporting? Is it because our parents are well aware of the treatment that their child might have to face in our society? Is it because of the inefficiency of the justice delivery mechanisms in place in our country?

Whatever might be the reason, it is extremely important to understand that if such incidents are not reported and the perpetuaters are not booked, then it is bound to lead to an increase in the occurence of such incidents. Those involved in such acts are bound to gain in confidence and in turn their evil motives are bound to prevail over our justice system.

Such reporting needs to be supported by the investigating agencies and the judiciary in our country by providing an effective environment where in justice can be delivered in an efficient and effective manner.

But the most important question that is haunting and will continue to haunt all of us is:

Do we have the courage to come out of our houses and take a stand against such incidents happening in our society and how many of us are really prepared to support such people who are taking an initiative in this regard?

Source of Image: http://borderbuster.blogspot.in/2009/07/speak-up-on-global-trade.html


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