Support System

Everyday, our newspapers are flooded with reports of crimes against women folk. Everyday, someone gets burnt due to non payment of dowry, everyday some women are so brutally beaten up by their husbands that they end up being hospitalized, everyday some women are humiliated and threatened.

This makes me wonder as to what’s the reason behind such a behaviour on part of men. Are we as men trying to prove that we are physically more strong and can go to any extent of imposing our decisions on women? Are we as men become so grossly infected by our desires and whims that we tend to lose all forms of morality and dignity?

It makes me immensely sad about the increasing expression of aggression in our society. Why all the frustation and angst is taken out on the women? Why the hell have we forgotten to give due respect to women? Why are we bent upon treating women like animals?

Why have we forgotten the fact that if there was no woman then there wouldn’t be any one in this society? And the most surprising and unfortunate thing in some incidents is that women too collude with their sons or husbands and become a part of making either their daughter-in-laws or their daughters go through all the atrocities.

Whatever might be the reason for such a behaviour, the behaviour itself needs to be ridiculed and suitably punished. Indeed punishment is surely going to act as a deterrent for those who might have such motives, but we must try to dig deeper and try to focus on the root cause of such incidents.

Why are such incidents taking place? Is it in the nature of a human to be brutal? And if it is then why is is that the norms and value system in our society which is supposed to be the guiding force behind all the legal laws and codes in place and is supposed to condition a human being into a fully functional societal being, are unable to fulfill its purpose?

There must be something very wrong in our teachings that we end up doing things such as those described above. Things certainly need to change. Again the question is where should this reform process start from? Should we focus on our schools, along with homes, and try to instil teachings from Bhagvad Geeta and other religious texts in the curriculum so that our children grow up into decent and virtuous individuals?

At the end of the day, it is extremely important that individuals, in this case especially men, are taught the virtues of respecting the fairer sex. But this alone wouldn’t solve the problem. Inspite of all teachings there will surely be some deviants who would try to bring malaise to the whole system.

What is needed along with the teachings, is an establishment of a society where in women feel free and empowered to voice out their opinions. And we as virtuous men need to function as a support system for the women folk.

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1 thought on “Support System

  1. I enjoyed this post very much. I agree that getting men to re-think their actions alone will not solve the problem of violence against women. It’s that and also using the laws of the land to recognize and protect women as citizens with basic human rights.

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