The Ultimate Dance

How does it feel when you have been living in a place for quite sometime and then suddenly one fine morning you are asked to get up and get going to another city? Well, that’s how life can be at times, it indeed can make you dance to her tunes.

And this reminds me of one of the lines in this song from Hum Tum: sach hai ye bas ek baar milti hai zindagi, karwate badalti hai pal pal ye zindagi”. How very true!

Even if you don’t know how to dance and even if you have an innate hatred for the moves, you are left with no other choice but to obey the directions given to us by your very own what we all prefer to refer as destiny.

The games that are played are beyond our comprehension till the point we actually come to know of the consequences and results of the games. Isn’t it bad that we don’t even know the probabilities of the consequences?

On second thoughts, it isn’t so bad. After all, if we were to know why we are here, it wouldn’t be so exciting. The failures won’t be so depressing (as if we all want them to be 😉 ) but the successes also won’t make us feel on cloud 9 :).

As if we were all here to enjoy this ultimate dance. Are you ready to rock on?

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