How many times have you got up remembering a dream? Well, scientifically speaking, if you happen to get up during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage, which by the way constitutes one of the four stages that occur during our sleep, then there is a high probability that you might remember the incidents occuring during your dream.

If you are thinking why suddenly I am talking about a thing that seems to be in no sync with the title of the post, then I am sure you will soon realize the mystery behind the same as soon as you finish reading this article.

I too had a dream this very morning. Strange, as it might sound, I have enough evidence and logic going behind me calling it a destined dream. So far so good.

But whenever I try defining the term destiny, I get perplexed by the very nature of the philosophical interpretation of the word. As I was about to get caught up in my unrelenting curious nature’s desire to search for a meaning of the word, I was thankfully saved by a simple assertion that was thrown at me by, I am sure, someone sitting up there.

In all senses of the meaning that the following lines are trying to depict, I have never read such a simple and practical description of the ever baffling concept of destiny. Read it, understand it, believe in it and then salute the great man, who took great pains in simplifying the concept for all of us:

You are what your deep driving desire is; As your desire is, so is your will; As your will is, so is your deed; As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

And if you are still wondering as to why I named it DWDD,

D=Desire–>W=Will–> D=Deed–>D=Destiny

Source for Image: http://www.brushesroom.com/Brushes/201110/Destiny-Brushes-by-Axeraider70-104.html


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