Get Real

One fine morning, I heard my neighbour’s daughter singing on top of her voice. Every time her song was followed by an assertion “main banogee Indian Idol”.

Well, it was “the” day for her and for many other youngsters like her who want to become Indian Idols, or more than anything else, want to become famous and want to be seen on the Television. Yes! It was time for auditions that were supposed to take place in my city the very day.

The kind of publicity and hooplah surrounding such reality shows has indeed have had an effect on the psyche of parents. The same parents, who might have reacted in an adverse manner hearing their child wanting to become a singer or a choreographer, now react in a totally different manner.

They want to support their child in his/her love for the field of Art that he/she might be interested in. They want to support their child in this quest for success and glory by treading the same path along with their child.

On one hand where there are parents who are able to rationally judge the talent that their child might posess, on the other hand there are parents who desire that their child become famous at any cost without really looking into the kind of talent that their child has and without making any effort whatsoever to enhance the same.

As a result, they end up making a fool of themselves in front of everyone who happen to watch such shows and by fighting with the judges end up setting a very bad example in front of their very own children.

This kind of behaviour on the part of parents coupled with the rejection faced by the child can have a very negative impact on the persona and psyche of the kid and he/she might end up developing complexes and negativity towards the World and towards its people, which might also effect the probability of the child in becoming a responsible citizen later on in life.

What parents need to do thus is to set a good example in front of their childen. Before really encouraging their child to run after easymoney and status, they should try to discover that one thing in their child which the child shows a liking to and then make sure that the child receives training from the best possible in the business.

This will not only help their child develop their skill set in a field that he/she likes, but also increase his/her chances of becoming successful in the field of their choice, which would indeed lead to happiness and satisfaction later on in life.

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