Being Popular: fb

How often is it that when we are totally vella (nothing to do) we end up browsing on the site that has for sure changed our lives (facebook)!

Yesterday was one such day for one of my dearest of friends. Strange, as it might sound, my friend decided to get a feel of his popularity on the same site (which can be quite a dangerous thing to do and indeed can have disastrous consequences 🙂  )and which is believed to be an indication of how social a person is and how much is the person being followed or admired on the same platform (guess that’s why so many superstars of our film industry have a presence here).

The results that followed indeed were disastrous. In spite of him tracking the number of responses, to his surprise he didn’t receive even a single comment for the whole day. After having gone through this miserable of experiences, he felt the urgent need to talk to someone.

So, he decided to give me a call.The conversation that followed is very much a representation of the philosophy and psychology behind the phenomenon which we all call facebook (coupled with the fact that the guy that I am talking about is very much a popular guy amongst his friends and at the same time, he is a big nautanki ;)):

Dude! You know what happened today. I have been dumped by the society as a whole.”–Friend

What happened? Why are you sounding so depressed”–Me

Yaar, I didn’t even get a single response for a thing that I posted this very morning on facebook. Don’t I deserve at least one person taking note of what’s happening in my life and that too inspite of the elaborate friend list that I have.”–Friend

Hmm! May be they didn’t have time today to come on fb or may be they didn’t notice your posting or may be they had several notifications. It’s not such a big deal and of course in no way representative of society dumping you. Stop being dramatic.”–Me

No Yaar! Seriously! This incident has changed my perception completely. It is a fake world. I hate facebook, which is nothing but an illusion. Now I won’t ever login on the same.”–Friend

Ok! But don’t you remember having told me about the wonderful experience that you were having on facebook by interacting with a number of girls on the same, a couple of days back? Suddenly, fb has turned fake and seem like an illusion, haan?”–Me

Ya, I remember, but it’s not the same anymore. See, it all starts with a liking, then it becomes boring and then you think of dumping the same. Don’t you think its like having a relationship?”–Friend

Truly, it is in all senses a means to have and maintain communication amongst friends and relatives. And by the way, nothing remains constant for ever. So, tomorrow, you might come to me again and tell me about the wonderful opportunity that this platform provides you for flirting around wih girls. Isn’t it?”–Me

Ya, might be! By the way let’s get out of the virtual world. What are you planning for dinner?”–Friend

And soon we eneded up having dinner together. He had forgotten all his facebook woes by then, and around 11 p.m. we bid good night in order to throw ourselves on the beds in the cosy ambience provided by our respective houses in order to end a tiring working day.

Hardly, an hour had passed by, when I received a call from the same fb tourtured gentleman.

Dude, I have got 33 replies for my post, and guess what! 20 of these are from girls:). Isn’t it incredible?”–Friend

Indeed it is. Enjoy your fb session buddy. Good night!”–Me

And this is how it all ended.Three cheers to this phenomenon: Facebook 🙂

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