The Journey

The last outing that I had described in my previous post was indeed a very inspiring one, the evidence for the same is very well reflected in the decision that Saty and me made last night.

Since the weather was getting more and more pleasant by the hour, the two vellas of Lucknownamely Saty and myself decided to go for a drive and have some delicacies for which my city is so famous for.

While we were very happily about to implement our culinary plan, the love for our karm bhoomi reignited once again instilling in us revolutionary thoughts of hitting the road once more in two consecutive days.

And there we were treading the path which would lead us to our destination. With a child like spirit, and with Saty jumping around in the car while the rain Gods showered us with their blessings, it was truly a rocking journey.

And guess what, to give us company from Unnao was my dear friend shikari, who by the way is all set to get married this very month 🙂 .

Soon after we were found on a dhaba located en route to Agra. The dhaba treat lasted for another couple of hours and at sharp 3 a.m. we started our journey towards restoration of normality in our lives and it was only around 5 a.m. the whole procedure of restoration could be completed.

I used to wonder that life is a journey but never did I think that it would turn into a collection of the trips and tours that I undertake every now and then. In any case, I love all my journeys and am sure that the best is yet to come 😉 .

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