Do you remember the famous dialogue from 3 Idiots: “Life is a race…”. Have you ever wondered about this whole period in which we are supposedly giving effect to our consciousness and the decisions made by our consciousness, which by the way we all call life.

In my quest to have a better understanding of the phenomenon, I decided to analyze the life cycle that is common to most of us. It all starts when we decide to jump into the arena called World.

Soon after, we are well taken care of by our parents/guardians. By the time we realize that we are capable of taking our own decisions we have already spent around 14 to 15 years of our lives.

What follows after is a plethora of profession oriented activities that we need to take if we desire to have a luxurious life style.

By the time we are so called settled in our lives by getting married and by having a family of our own, we try to prepare ourselves for living our childhood once again through the eyes of our sons or daughters.

Before we can realize and by the time our children settle down in their own lives, we are already 60 or so and thereafter become engrossed in our preparation to meet the Almighty.

Strange as it might sound, the entire cycle is pretty much the same for most of us. Those who are able to accomplish the various goals intended to be fuflilled (based on the societal standards and norms for different stages of life) are so called successful and those who aren’t are left to repent for the very fact that they failed in their lives.

Whatever might be the state of affairs that we get involved in during our lifetimes, one thing is for sure that life has always and will continue to fascinate us beyond the very meaning of fascination itself.

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