Break Time!

Yesterday, thinking that it would indeed be a surprise for my dear friend Saty when he would listen to my latest revelation, I decided to call him up:

Hi buddy! Guess what! I am taking a week off.”–Me

“Ya, I knew it. In fact, I was wondering why you hadn’t given me the news earlier. A week has gone by and I was really worried whether you are alright for not having told me about your latest travel plans. Being a guy that you are, its always a break time for you. So What’s new in this? 😉 “–Saty

“Come on man! I don’t roam around so much. After all, everybody takes a break, right!”–Me

“Of course! Everyone do take a break but not so often and certainly not every week.”–Saty

“Well! I guess it’s a hereditary thing. I can’t help it. Its a generational thing and how I can disrespect my forefathers for breaking the tradition.”–Me

“Ya! Right! As far as I know and I certainly know this that no one in your family is as ghummakad as you are. So, stop blaming your genes for your ghummakad virus that has hit you since you left India.”–Saty

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! But haven’t you heard that life is a journey and is meant to be such.”–Me

“Ya, I have heard this before, of course from your Highness at least a hundred times before, for everytime you try to convince me as to why it is absolutely necessary for you to go for an outing, you use the same philosophical line from your very own dicitionary and throw at me as if it was a Cupid’s arrow.”–Saty

“And everytime it works, right! 😉 “–Me

“Well! Well! Well! “–Saty

I stopped Saty before he could carry on with his well’s for I didn’t want him to go on and on with blah blah blah anymore 😉 .

After having finished my conversation with Saty, I thought of pondering over my latest travel plans. But on second thoughts, who cares 😉 , for I am all set to take off for a week and would come back after a week’s time.

Till then keep rocking for there is and there will be no such thing as life. So believe in living it to the fullest 🙂 .

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