I wanna become Miss India

Its not often that you see youngsters involved in outdoor sports these days, thanks to the emergence of the phenomenon we all call video and computer games. So, when I do see them doing the same, I am reminded of my own days.

And today was one such day. A group of 4 including 2 young guys and 2 girls, into their teens, were playing a mixed doubles Badminton match in my neighbourhood. The kind of quality and skills they demonstrated made me stand there to watch the match until it was over.

After the match, one of the girls approached me: “Bhaiya, I saw your column in the newspaper and I really like it, the advice that you give to students like us regarding their career. I wanted to ask you something.”

Thanks, haan poocho.”–Me

Bhaiya, do you think a girl like me can become Miss India?”–Girls

To be frank, I have answered questions regarding all the career options that one can think of, but I have never been asked this before. Considering what I know about the contest and the kind of skillset plus the personality traits that are required for the same, that I am aware of, plus my perception of the girl’s personality and since, I am a strong advocate of doing things of one’s liking (in case a person was really interested in doing the same), I answered:

Why not? You can become Miss India if you really want to and if you work hard at it, giving your 100% to things that are required for one to hold the title, which of course you will have to research upon.”

Having said the above, I just wondered and was in fact curious about why she wanted to become Miss India and in order to feed my curiosity I thought of asking the same to her.

“Well, I think I have got all that it takes to become Miss India. And moreover, I will become famous and rich, at the same time, I will get a chance to act in the Bollywood, which I so want to do :). “–Girl

The answer was quite straight to the point. I gave her a smile and decided to move on with my journey to meeting a friend.

While I was driving, I realized how times have changed. It was not long back, when kids in my neighbourhood would not think beyond the conventional career options as the others were considered too risky to even have a go at.

And today, there seems to be no boundations what so ever, when it comes to chosing a career, especially in bigger cities and the metropolitans.

Credit for this must also go to parents who have become more liberal and are accepting, at the same time giving encouragement to the wants and wishes of their children.

As I was about to reach my friend’s place, I wondered:

What would my newly born American niece want to become,say, 15 years down the line? 🙂 ”

Source for Image: http://yellowpages.sulekha.com/jaipur/miss-india-exports-m-i-road-jaipur_contact-address.htm


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