Living Naturally

As I am writing here, the rain Gods are showering the much needed relief upon us, and my dear bageera is sitting next to me besides my chair, enjoying the showers.

How often had I dreamt of sitting in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature from all sides and how often had I thought about penning down my thoughts which seem to flow, courtesy the very nature of the surroundings that I happen to be in.

Such an environment is very much in tune with the ideal ambience that a writer so craves for. Not only a writer, but also a lay man wanting to restore some peace of mind and wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives would love to be in my shoes at this very moment.

Such a luxury is found very rarely in this present day scenario and is a much sought for thing. Somehow, I have always felt that in this race to accomplish material successes in life, we have forgotten the very essence and the meaning of life.

In this race of becoming business tycoons, or gaining expertise in medicine or reaching the top notch of our bureaucracy, we have somewhere left the man in us behind, which seem to emerge again from the dungeons only in our fifties or sixties when we sit down to ponder over how we had lived our entire life and whether we could have done something differently.

There are so many things to do and see in this World. I guess we end up witnessing around 0.1% or not even that, of the entire cosmos. Some would want to stop me from going on with my concepts at this very moment and would want to question me about my propensity to talk about such things and whether it is really relevant to even give such thoughts a chance to break their silence.

Indeed, one can have different perspective on the same, but it is often that we don’t realize the advice that our natural instincts tend to offer, giving them not even the slightest of regard which they so deserve and which is so essential for the well being of an individual.

As a consequence the various life style diseases seem to be on a rise and more and more people are getting affected by the innumerable kind of diseases that didn’t use to affect us in the past.

I am sure there must be some reason which could answer or try to explain the very causes of the same. For me the answer lies in us drifting away from the very basis of life, the nature around us which has been and will continue to be our bread and butter for the entire life.

We have somehow got used to spending our time in unnatural activites and therefore end up suffering from certain ailments that didn’t use to figure, say a couple of decades back.

Some might blame the time for not being on their side. But I wouldn’t dare to do that. What I would want to do instead is to give myself and my basis of existence a chance to prevent the havoc from prevailing any further upon what we all call Our World.

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